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Melsmon basic Information

Official manufacturer: Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Japan

Package details: Melsmon 50 vials X 2 ml each.

Active ingredient: human placenta hydrolysate, sodium hydroxide - to pH 7.0, water d / and less than 2 ml.

Start of sales: in Japan after clinical trials (conducted throughout the country in 98 cases) in 1959, March.

Official Code in Japan: 3259600A1020, Certified in Japan, Korea, Russian and NIS

Side effects and contraindictaions: follow prescribed dosage. Keep out of reach of children in cool dru place. Allergy reactions possible.

Melsmon clinical studies: pro et contra

As a result of clinical studies, four large groups of medical effects of Melsmon were recognized.

An increase in oxygen absorption by tissues,

accelerated tissue regeneration,

an increase in working capacity and relieving fatigue,

an improvement in blood clotting.

Clinical trials of Melsmon revealed the main side effects of the drug. The researches have noticed rash and redness in 0.5-5% of cases. But a direct connection to the components of the medicine wasn't found. Allergic reactions also were not observed during the trials. But still, they are possible. And since anaphylactic shock may take place, the injections should be used with caution. In addition, there are contraindications for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Clinical trials of melsmon injection took place from the 1950s to the 1990s mainly in Japan. Karasawa Yosuke (唐沢陽介), the leading medical researcher in Japan, in several of his articles focused on Melsmon and its effects. His works are published in the Pharmacology and Treatment journal (薬理と治療9(3)299~308、81) and also in "The Basics and the Clinical Trials" (:基礎​​と臨床15(3)661~670、1981).

Melsmon human placenta 1box 50vials premium high potency

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